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Multiple Levels of Security

We protect your data many different ways at different levels!

Multiple Levels of Security

At the Data Center Level

The data center is where the servers reside physically. Access to the data center is restricted by two factor authentication barriers plus continually monitored closed-circuit cameras trained on all entrances and common areas 24x7x365. These barriers are:

  • Northern Proximity security badge entry/exit on all doors.
  • Motion sensitive cameras installed throughout all facilities.

The network security protection is maximized by adding Cisco Guard XT appliances and Arbor Peak flow protection against DDOS attacks.

Cutting-edge security technology, best practices and a team of certified senior-level professionals help ensure security at this level.

At the Server Level

There are several security aspects at the server level:

  • Our servers run up-to-date management software and are automatically updated to new releases when they become available.
  • We use strong passwords and monitor server access on a daily basis.
  • Our servers run protection software that automatically blocks potentially harmful IP addresses.
  • The web server security module provides umbrella protection by blocking malicious page requests.
  • SSL certificates to serve secure pages.

At the System Level

Our systems also provide different ways to maximize security:

  • All data is protected behind a login.
  • Passwords are stored using high level encryption algorisms.
  • Recipes entered by/for a client can only be accessed by this client. Item ownership validation is performed at many different stages during information processing to ensure privacy.
  • Recipes data entry is done through SSL-certificate protected access.


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